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Presthera for Clinics

"Presthera has helped our clinic go from sending all of our wound patients to another provider, to growing an increasingly large part of our clinic. The team was instrumental in every phase of rolling out wound care, from physical products to their technology platform to just understanding best practices.  We could have never built it without the presthera team."

- Dr. Luberstien MD



Presthera offers placental-derived skin substitutes, autologous blood-derived membranes, and NIRS imaging devices to medical providers treating chronic wounds. Using skin-subs and membranes enables wounds to heal much quicker, preventing infection and amputation, and using NIRS imaging can ensure patients are suitable candidates for skin-sub & membrane products.


At Presthera, we are committed to helping healthcare professionals provide the best care to their patients. To achieve this, we offer a full suite of tracking solutions for medical supplies and equipment. Our tracking system helps clinics and hospitals keep track of every item they use, from the invoice to the expiration date, and more. This allows our clients to easily monitor their inventory and stay in compliance with their regulations. With our tracking tools, we make sure that healthcare professionals have the right items at the right time, every time.

Business Meeting

Procedures and Process

At Presthera, we understand the unique needs of healthcare teams. Our goal is to help your team find a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective way to provide top-notch care to your patients. Our team of experts will work with you to deeply understand your current process and create a plan that will help your team understand what needs to happen next. We are only successful when your team feels ready to move forward and create a wound care division or bring your wound division to the next level for the clinic. Each clinic we have helped has had their own way of doing business, and we make sure that regardless of size or location, we offer tailored solutions to fit your needs.

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